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Because of You: 50 Years of Channel 9

Date: 2004
Format: DVD
Company/Organization: KETC
UPC: 646351140905



On September 20, 1954, KETC signed on the air to littl efanfare and practically no audience. It was part of an experiement we call today public television, and much of its early history began in St. Louis.

Over the next 50 years, the station invented and reinvented itself, succeeding in spite of the odds -- and sometimes in spite of itself.

That the station ever got on the air in the first place is as remarkable as television itself. That it grew into one of the most successful public television stations in the country is because the community saw value in its mission.

KETC producer Patrick Murphy takes you behind the scenes, weaving archival footage, rare photographs and incisive interviews to tell a remarkable story of a mission to realize the full potential of a miraculous medium.

. . .

A short segment of archival footage is used showing an early 1970s visit Mister Rogers made to the KETC studio. This visit with local St. Louis children was referred to as "Mister Rogers' St. Louis Neighborhood."




Executive Producer: Patrick Murphy
Cover photo: Corbis

© 2004 KETC, St. Louis, MO

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