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Arthur Meets Mister Rogers

Date: 1997

During the first episode of Arthur's second season, the first half of the show was a segment titled "Arthur Meets Mister Rogers."

In this episode, Mister Rogers comes to stay with Arthur's family and to visit Arthur's school. According to the dialogue, Mister Rogers grew up in the same neighborhood as Arthur's mother. Throughout the episode, Arthur is scurrying to prevent his peers from knowing that Mister Rogers is staying at his house for fear of being thought of as baby-ish. In the end, Mister Rogers visits the school and all is well.

The segment ends with footage of Fred Rogers recording audio for this episode and some clips about the process of animating Mister Rogers.



In Episode 1743 of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Mister Rogers visits the studio of Arthur creator Marc Brown. Together they watch a portion of Arthur Meets Mister Rogers.

This Arthur adventure was featured on the home video release Arthur's Famous Friends.

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