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Let's Talk About It: Stepfamiles

Date: 2001
Author: Fred Rogers
Photographs: Jim Judkis
Publisher: Puffin Books
Series: Let's Talk About It
ISBN: 0698116658
Purchase: Amazon (Paperback)


Text and photographs copyright © 1997 by Family Communications, Inc.

A Note From Fred Rogers

As we were working on this book, we came to have real empathy for everyone in stepfamilies. While there's a sense of a fresh start, new beginnings, there are also a lot of complicated feelings about changes and relationships which need to be carefully considered.

A man and a woman begin a stepfamily with all sorts of loving hopes and dreams of what "could be." Of course, some of those images are realistic and some aren't. The children who are part of that new family bring feelings from what "has been." Some of those feelings come from strong, deep and loving bonds. So, naturally, it's hard for them to form new bonds while holding on to what's important to them from their past. Becoming comfortable with new "others" takes time and understanding.

No matter what the situation, if we can help children talk about their concerns and their feelings (and really listen to what they tell us), we are letting them know we care deeply about them. Whatever is mentionable can be more manageable. That's why we named this series "Let's Talk About It." It's an invitation for you and your child to take what we offer and talk about it in your own ways...ways that feel right for you and your family.

Changes can be hard, but if we can deal with them caringly and openly, we can become stronger and closer to the ones we love. Lasting relationships aren't built overnight. I wish you well as you and your child grow into being "family."

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