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Going to the Hospital

Date: 1977
Author: Fred Rogers
Illustrator: William Panos
Designer: Frank D'Astolfo
Developed By: Arthur Greenwald and Barry Head
Series: Let's Talk About It


Produced with grants from Johnson & Johnson, McFeely-Rogers Foundation
Produced in cooperation with American Academy of Pediatrics, American Hospital Association,
American Medical Association
© 1977 Family Communications, Inc.


Going to the Hospital is a very simple book -- only sixteen pages long. The first eleven pages look at various scenes a child may see in the hospital. "Do you know what a hospital is? A hospital is a place where mothers and fathers and doctors and nurses work together to take special care of children like you."

The next four pages are made up of activities for young people to complete while in the hospital or once they return home. Included are a dot-to-dot puzzle of a teddy bear in a suitcase and a page about a puppet made by Daniel Striped Tiger.

The book's final page wraps up with a heartfelt message from Mister Rogers.


This book was provided as a supplement to a video special by the same name from the Let's Talk About It series.

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