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Going to Marry Mom

One day I said, "I'm really going to marry"
My mom.

I told my mom I'm really going to marry

She smiled, didn't laugh, said "I hope you will marry
Maybe somone like me."

"But you see," she said, "I'm already married"
I'm married to your daddy.

And as you grow more and more like your daddy
You'll find a lady like me.

And she'll love you as I love your daddy
And she will marry you.

Then she will be the wife and the mother
Of your own family.

And I hope you will have little chidren
And they will be like you.

Cause Mothers and Dads have special love for children
Especially children like you.

That's what Mom said when I told her I would marry her.

I'm glad I told her 'cause I really often wondered
Who my wife would be.

Now I'll just wait and look for my lady
And I'll just wait and see.

And I will grow up just like my daddy
And my wife'll be looking for me.

And when I get married my Mom'll be the Granny
The prettiest Granny in town.

It all works out if you talk and you listen
And your mother cares about you.

It all works out if you talk and you listen
'Cause someone cares about you.
Yes, someone cares about you.


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