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Mister Rogers & Me (Soundtrack)

Artist: Various
Date: 2012
Format: CD / Digital Download
Label: Wagner Brothers
Purchase/Stream: Amazon


Track List

  1. Summer's Gone (Acoustic) - Benjamin Wagner
  2. Hollywood Arms (Acoustic) - Benjamin Wagner
  3. Dark Blue - Benjamin Wagner
  4. Radio - Benjamin Wagner
  5. Concrete - Richard Sancho
  6. Descent - Chris LoPresto
  7. Bear & Raccoon - The Poem Adept
  8. Anecdotally - Chris LoPresto
  9. Breathe In - Benjamin Wagner
  10. Landed - Chris LoPresto
  11. The Last Time - Benjamin Wagner
  12. Won't you Be - Chris LoPresto
  13. Love Is Here To Stay - Casey Shea
  14. Summer's Gone - Benjamin Wagner


Contains music featured on the documentary by the same name.

Primarily available via digital download. Only 300 copies produced in CD format.

Track 13 is only available on the CD version of the soundtrack.

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