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Flying Fingers (Johnny Costa)

Artist: Johnny Costa
Date: 1992
Format: CD
Label: Chiaroscuro Records
UPC: 091454031726
Purchase/Stream: Amazon


Track List

  1. Tea For Two
  2. A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square
  3. Manhattan
  4. A Foggy Day
  5. Over the Rainbow
  6. Caravan
  7. Here's That Rainy Day
  8. Fine and Dandy
  9. On Green Dolphin Street
  10. Honeysuckle Rose
  11. Bluesette
  12. If He Walked Into My Life
  13. Love For Sale
  14. Mack the Knife
  15. Scherzo Espanol
  16. Flying Fingers
  17. Jazzspeak


Johnny Costa, solo piano
Recorded 18 April, 8 May 1990, 5 September 1991, and 17-18 March 1992 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Produced by: Hank O'Neal and Bill Hillman
Recording: Gregg Vizza (1990) and Randy Rhodes (1992) at Audiomation; Tim Benedict (1991) at Audio Innovators
Digital Mastering and Assembly: Jon Bates/Audioforce
Liner Notes: Elsie and Henry Hillman
Cover Design and Photography: Rollo Phlecks
© Chiaroscuro Records

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