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Episode 1643

Topic: Art
Air Date: November 27, 1991
Previous Episode: 1642 - Art
Next Episode: 1644 - Art
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Mister Rogers arrives with a wooden toy airplane as well as two wooden blocks and a rubber band. Using the blocks and rubber band, he makes his own pretend airplane. Sitting at the couch, Mister Rogers reads a book called An Airplane Trip. He takes some time to remember a time he visited an airport and learned about sky-writing from Suzanne Asbury-Oliver.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Handyman Negri is working on a musical portrait of King Friday and receives some assistance from the King himself.

Mayor Maggie and Neighbor Aber arrive via airplane with a kingly portrait from Westwood and listen as King Friday and Handyman Negri play their musical portrait.

Neighbor Aber provides his own tribute to King Friday as he mans his plane and draws a sky-written portrait of the King.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers sings Many Ways to Say I Love You as he creates his own skywriting by using white chalk on blue paper.


An Airplane Trip is actually called Going on an Airplane and is part of the First Experiences book series.

A rarely performed verse of Many Ways to Say I Love You is sung in this episode.

There are many ways to say I love you
Just by being there when things are sad and scary
Just by being there, being there
Being there to say, I love you

This episode is included on the DVD Kindness Collection.

Appearing In This Episode


  • Suzanne Asbury-Oliver




Episode Credits

With Fred Rogers
Neighbors: Chuck Aber, Suzanne Asbury-Oliver, Joe Negri, Maggie Stewart
Special Thanks to: Kalamazoo Aviation History Musuem
Executive Producer: Fred Rogers
Producer: Margaret Whitmer
Director: Bob Walsh
Associate Producer: Adrienne Wehr
Music Director: John Costa

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