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Episode 1612

Topic: When Parents Go To Work
Air Date: November 21, 1989
Previous Episode: 1611 - When Parents Go To Work
Next Episode: 1613 - When Parents Go To Work
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Mister Rogers arrives with what appears to be a block and sits it aside briefly while he plays the melodica he received from Joe Negri the previous day. PIcking up the block, he shows that it has been painted to look like a miniature refrigerator. Sitting on the floor, Mister Rogers displays the refrigerator along with a matching stove and sink before singing Many Ways to Say I Love You.

Mr. McFeely arrives with a large bag of peanuts which he and Mister Rogers take to the kitchen. After eating a few peanuts, Mister McFeely takes out the ingredients to make the "McFeely family snack." Mixing dry milk, apple butter, and peanut butter, Mr. McFeely spreads the mixture over rice cakes and shares the snack with Mister Rogers. Before Mister Rogers cleans up a bit of the mess, Mr. McFeely mentions that he will look for a video about how people make peanut butter.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday is expressing his frustrations to his father about having parents who are constantly working. As he rushes off to work, King Friday asks Lady Aberlin to talk with his son who feels that his parents like the people they work with more than they like him. Lady Aberlin talks to Prince Tuesday about how to handle sad feelings and sings You Are Special. Princess Zelda arrives with a giant peanut. After talking to Prince Tuesday about how her own parents used to work a lot, Princess Zelda shows a magic trick which moves the giant peanut when it is covered with a blue scarf.

They all go to the clock to show Daniel the trick. When he asks Princess Zelda to make the peanut come back, Prince Tuesday asks if she is able to make his parents come back.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers uses a handkerchief to play peek-a-boo. After a phone call from Mr. McFeely lets Mister Rogers know that he has not yet found the film about peanut butter, Mister Rogers shows a film about people playing peek-a-boo. After the film, he explains that parents think of their children often -- regardless of where they are. Mister Rogers sings I'll Think of You before shaing a picture book about parents taking care of children.


After going to the bread box for the rice cakes, Mr. McFeely finds some difficulty in closing the box. After two unsuccessful attempts, he returns to the table leaving the bread box open.


This episode is included on the Would You Be Mine Collection (DVD).

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Neighbors: Betty Aberlin, Lenny Meledandri, David Newell, Zelda Pulliam
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