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Episode 1578

Topic: Making Mistakes
Air Date: May 6, 1987
Previous Episode: 1577 - Making Mistakes
Next Episode: 1579 - Making Mistakes
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Upon his arrival, Mister Rogers says that "there was a strange smell in here a little while ago" so he freshens the air by using the atomizer he brought with him.

Mister Rogers receives a phone call from Mrs. McFeely who tells him that he needs to be at a meeting in just a few minutes. Unfortunately, Mister Rogers mistakenly thought that meeting was the next day. Chuck Aber, who is making speedy deliveries, spends time with television viewers while Mister Rogers goes to his meeting.

Mr. Aber has a conversation with Mr. Skunk about why Mister Rogers had to leave. He also spends some time demonstrating sign language and sings Many Ways to Say I Love You.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mr. Skunk is visiting and feels embarrassed when he accidentally sprays his scent on Audrey Duck before her poetry reading.

Lady Aberlin uses an atomizer to freshen the air around the Neighborhood before she and Daniel Tiger sings a song about his thoughts of being a mistake. Daniel is having these thoughts of uncertainty because he doesn't look or act like any other tiger he knows.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers watches a film about how people make erasers.


Mr. Skunk is a puppet creations of Susan Linn.

As Chuck Aber talks to Mr. Skunk in the opening scene, a small portion of Won't You Be My Neighbor plays in the background.

The film about erasers was made in association with Eberhard-Faber, Inc.

This episode is included on the DVDs Would You Be Mine Collection and Mister Rogers & Making Mistakes.

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Episode Credits

With Fred Rogers
Neighbors: Chuck Aber, Betty Aberlin, Susan Linn, Joe Negri
Special thanks to: Eberhard-Faber, Inc.
Executive Producer: Fred Rogers
Producer: Margaret Whitmer
Director: Paul Lally
Associate Producer: Casey Brown
Music Director: John Costa

Produced in association with WQED/Pittsburgh
A production of Family Communications
© 1987 Family Communications, Inc.

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