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The Flying Zookeeni Brothers

First MRN Appearance: 1449
Last MRN Appearance: 1450
Performed By: See below

The Flying Zookeeni Brothers Daredevil Circus is a group of stunt performers seen when looking into Digger Digorum's magic basket. Their performance is a special birthday gift to King Friday.[1][2]

The Zookeeni Brothers perform along with the All American All Star One Man Band and Peaches and Cream.[3][4]




Originally organized as a joke among the crew of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, the Zookeeni Brothers and the All American One Man Band were played by Frank Warninsky, Jim Seech, Joe Abeln, David Smith, and Michael Douglas. Peaches and Cream were played by Mary Rawson and Carol Stewart.


Michael Douglas would go on to a successful acting career under the name Michael Keaton.

One member of the Zookeeni Brothers wears a Rolling Stones shirt.

In a 2016 interivew with David M. Smith, he mentions that the Zookeeni Brothers were not just a one-and-done performance. Their "guerilla circus" performed around Pittsburgh and occasionally included other characters such as Bronco Cody (played by David Smith) as well as The Casserole Sisters, Tuna and Noodle (played by Mr. Smith's wife and the wife of Nick Tallo).


Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

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