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Mr. Anybody

First MRN Appearance: 0098
Last MRN Appearance: 1454
Performed By: Don Francks

Having been part of the earliest Neighborhood years, Mr. Anybody is welcomed back to Make-Believe when he returns for a short visit.[1] Based on immediate circumstances, Mr. Anybody is known for taking on a variety of roles including a stone salesman[2] and the conductor of an orchestra performing for King Friday XIII.[3]

Most notably, Mr. Anybody officiated the wedding of King Friday and Sara Saturday.[4] He was also present at the time the Platypus family first arrived in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe[5] and was responsible for giving the Neighborhood Trolley its whistle.[6] One way to contact Mr. Anybody is to play an "A" on a pitch pipe seven times.[7]



Roles of Mr. Anybody

Below is a list of the various roles filled by Mr. Anybody.



Upon his return, Mr. Anybody appears in the "real" Neighborhood in Episode 0098.

A clip of Mr. Anybody officiating the wedding of King Friday XIII and Sara Saturday is seen in Episode 1454.


Mister Rogers' Neighborhood


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