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On the first episode of Webster (1983) -- Another Ballgame -- Katherine does her best to explain to Webster that she would not be a suitable parent for him.

Katherine: "It isn't that I don't like children. I love children. Other people's children."

Webster: "I'm other people's children."

Katherine: " Yeah. Let me try it another way...I don't know things. I don't know lots of things that you may need me to know. Like Mister Rogers. I've never seen Mister Rogers. I don't even know his first name."

Webster: "Fred."

Webster's second season included a spooky episode called Moving On (1984). In this episode, George, Katherine, and Webster are thinking about moving in to an old Victorian house and find that it is full of curiosities.

Caught somewhat off-guard by the owners at one point, the following dialogue takes place:

Katherine: "Oh! It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood!"

George: "Do you now my wife -- Mister Rogers?"

Season 1 includes an episode called The Green-Eyed Monster (1983) which opens with a scene where Webster is wearing a hat with a U.S. Mail logo taped to it. As he hands out the mail, George and Catherine notice that most of the mail is for Webster.

Catherine: "Webster, why are you getting so much mail?"

Webster: "I sent in coupons and box tops. Right now I'm expecting three decoder rings, seven Mr. Potato Heads and a picture of Mister Rogers' sweater."

Season 1 also includes an episode called Maybe Baby (1984). A scene in this episode has Catherine coming home to find George putting on a pair of blue sneakers, wearing a cardigan and whistling Won't You Be My Neighbor.

Catherine: "George what are..."

George: "Hi, sweetheart."

Catherine: "Look at this, look at this! I'm living with Mister Rogers."

George: "But the question is, is Mister Rogers living with you?"

Catherine: "Are you on some kind of medication?"

George: "Darling, this is my park outfit. I always wear it when I take Webster to the park."

Season 6 features an episode titled Take My Cousin, Please. Webster's aunt is about to adopt a young boy, but Webster knows that the kid (Bobby- Jonathan Brandis) is stealing from her. Web confronts him.

Bobby: What's the big deal?

Web: the big deal is my friends don't make a habit of robbing and cheating.

Bobby: alright, alright. I didn't know I was visiting Mister Rogers Neighborhood.

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