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Learning to Play the Music of MRN

I like many others grew up watching Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Early on I became fascinated at the jazzy musical compositions. I remember one time after watching the opera a "Granddad for Daniel" I took off to the piano to try and replicate the song: "Polishing, Polishing, Polishing Everything." I thought that was a really neat song. I thought Fred and Johnny did a wonderful job taking a simple task of polishing something and converted it to a musical sequence.

I think I have read somewhere where Johnny Costa improvised a different version of "It's Such a Good Feeling" for every taped episode of MRN (ever since the days after the "Tomorrow" song). I firmly believe that if it wasn't for the well written music and meaningful songs MRN would not have made it as long as it did.

I've been playing MRN music on and off the last several years. Back in the late 90s, it was often difficult to find MRN related sheet music. I remember one time I played "It's Such a Good Feeling" at a music store and the store owner yelled from the other end of the store, "Keep on playing Johnny Costa music!"

These selections are a bit rough, as you listen you may notice a mistake or a "false start" as they say in the music business. There are two versions of "It's Such a Good Feeling." They are both written in different keys. The songs "I'm a Man Who Manufacturers" and "When The Day Turns into Night" are done strictly off the cuff. Meaning I have no sheet music whatsoever as I learned those by ear. The two I'm most proud of are "It's You I Like" and "Truth Will Make Me Free."

- Mike (earnhardtfan4life from the message board), 2011

Take a listen for yourself [64 kbps mp3]

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