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Visiting the Neighborhood Set

Back in 1991, Lawrence was a young child who had an awesome opportunity to visit the set of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood along with his parents and his siblings. During their visit, the Art series of episodes (1641-1645) was being filmed. Below are the photos which Lawrence has generously given permission to share.

Additionally, Lawrence shared his memories of this visit to the Neighborhood set on Episode 021 of the Neighborhood Archive Podcast.







According to Lawrence, during their visit they played with blocks while Johnny Costa played Won't You Be My Neighborand they all sang along. Lawrence recalls having an idea with the blocks to make a Trolley -- an idea which Mister Rogers really enjoyed (as can be seen in the photo below on the left).




I think it's safe to say that this experience is the envy of anyone who grew up watching Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Many thanks to Lawrence for his generosity and willingness to share this awesome experience!

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