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The Simpsons

In "Missionary: Impossible", a 2000 episode from the 11th season of The Simpsons, Homer makes a bogus pledge of $10,000 to a PBS fundraiser hosted by Betty White. When it is discovered that he does not have the money, he is chased through the streets by an angry mob of PBS personalities includeing Fred Rogers, Big Bird, and the Teletubbies.

Voiced by Harry Shearer, Mister Rogers has one line of dialogue as he chases Homer: "It's a beautiful day to kick your ass."


In "The Worst Episode Ever", a 2001 episode from Season 12, Bart and Milhouse discover a secret stash of illegal video clips including one titled "Mister Rogers Drunk."

The video itself is not shown but the audio heard includes a slurring Mister Rogers-like voice saying: "Well, what do you mean I can't take off my sweater? I'm hot!"

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