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Saved By the Bell

On the episode of Saved By the Bell titled "Model Students," Zack is put in charge of the school store and cashes in by creating a Girls of Bayside calendar. In the early moments of the episode before Zack takes over, the store is run by three nerds with a merchandise selection similar to a garage sale down the street. Prominently displayed on the center table is none other than a picture of Mister Rogers himself.

When Slater picks up the picture, alarms sound and the school nerds make it very clear that the photo is not for sale...

In another episode ("King of the Hill") from the show's first season after the "Miss Bliss years," Zack finds himself in Mr. Belding's office about to receive some guidance from his principal.

Before sitting down for a heart-to-heart chat, Mr. Belding changes into a sweater and has the following exchange with Zack:

Mr. Belding: "I'm taking a different approach with you, Zack."
Zack: "You're gonna be Mister Rogers?"
Mr. Belding: "You're in the neighborhood."

In the pilot episode of Saved By the Bell: The College Years, the guys meet their Resident Advisor, Michael Rogers.

Michael: Hi, I'm Mr. Rogers
Screech: Oh, I watch you every morning. You're a lot bigger in person.
Michael: It's Michael Rogers...

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