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Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman

In 1996, Fred Rogers appeared on the popular television drama Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. This was the only time in his television career when Fred Rogers portrayed a fictional human character. According to, in the episode "Deal with the Devil," the "imminent arrival of Reverend Johnson's ministry mentor (played by Fred Rogers) leads the reverend to borrow money from Hank to repair the church."

This program clearly held a special place in the heart of Fred Rogers and he was held in very high regard by close friend and creator/producer Beth Sullivan. One particular interview with Ms. Sullivan demonstrates her opinion of the man known to most as Mister Rogers: "I'm not a religious person, but Fred is a holy man, a holy person. He really is. Truly a Mother Teresa type of person. He does what he does because it comes from very deep inside, and he does it with every fiber of his being."

Below are a few screenshots from the episode featuring Fred Rogers as Reverend Thomas...


This episode is the nineteenth from Season 4.

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