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Picture Puzzle Cubes

Date: 1974
Publisher: Western Publishing Company, Inc. / Small World Enterprises



This is one of a series of products developed in cooperation with Fred M. Rogers, creator of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," the award-winning public television program for children. Both the program and the materials based on it encourage children to be themselves, to imagine, to create, to cope with feelings and new ideas -- and through all these things, to learn and to grow.

These puzzle blocks give children two delightful ways to meet their urge for hiding things, then finding them. They can rearrange the cubes to separate the picture parts or to bring them back together again. And they can use the boxes themselves as hiding places for little treasures. Hiding and finding is another way of playing about going away and coming back. Children will find many ways to use these blocks.

The concept here is pretty simple. Punch out the somewhat sturdy cardboard pieces and fold them to form six cubes. The cubes can be arranged to form any one of six images -- Mister Rogers' sneakers, his sweater, the fish tank, Picture Picture, the Trolley, or the stop light.

Below are examples of two unpunched pages.


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