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3-in-1 Transformation Treehouse

Date: 2013
Manufacturer: Jakks Pacific

© 2013 The Fred Rogers Company


The 3-in-1 Transformation Treehouse playset includes a variety of accessories and multiple options for creative play. The first option is the inside rooms of the treehouse which (among other accessories) includes a bookcase, a telescope, a couch, and a slide.

With a few quick adjustments, the inside of the treehouse quickly transforms into a make-believe space station. The bookcase becomes a spaceship, the umbrella a satellite dish, and the elevator a rocket ship. With Katerina (or another figure) in place, a dial can be turned on the side to make her twirl in front of the mirror as music from the Daniel Tiger theme plays.

Finally, the most basic of the play options is the front yard option including the swing and the outer part of the treehouse.

This playset comes with the standard Daniel Tiger, Katerina Kittycat, and O the Owl figures.

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