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Daniel Tiger Day and Night iPhone App

Date: 2013
Publisher: PBS Kids / Fred Rogers Company
Device/Platform: iOS


Following the success of the first Daniel Tiger iPhone app, this one offers users many new options for creative play. Based on the songs from Episode 117 of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, this app gives users the option of working through a morning routine and a bedtime routine.

Good Morning

Clothes On - After waking Daniel with a tap on the screen, users are asked to help Daniel zip his sweater.


This gives Daniel an idea for make-believe as Super Daniel where users can choose various costume accessories. Touching the pump to Daniel's right inflates his "muscles."


Eat Breakfast - After helping Daniel set the table...

...uses can decorate a pancake which comes to life in a short time of make-believe.


Brush Teeth - Swiping back and forth on the screen allows users to help Daniel brush his teeth.

Put on Shoes - After helping Daniel choose a pair of shoes to wear, users are asked to hold their finger over the knot while Daniel ties each shoe.


Off to School - Mom Tiger waves goodbye as Dad Tiger and Daniel leave on the Trolley.

Good Night

Bathtime - After Dad Tiger applies some shampoo to Daniel's head, users can lather the soap on his head and face. Meanwhile, bubbles rise from the water which can be popped by tapping them.


Brush Teeth - Much like the morning routine, users can swipe their finger back and forth to help Daniel brush his teeth.

PJs - Users help Daniel select a top and bottom to wear and then enter a time of make-believe where they can color his PJs any color they would like.


Story and Song - Mom Tiger shares a story/song with Daniel which allows him to soar through the night sky wishing well to his friends.


Off to Bed - Mom Tiger tucks Daniel into bed before Daniel offers an ugga-mugga.



Parents are offered detailed instructions for each portion of the app in addition to a timer which can be used to count down to bedtime or to time a child brushing teeth.



When the bedtime routine is introduced in Episode 117, "PJs" comes before "brush teeth."

While Clothes On, Eat Breakfast... is the basis for this app, other songs are used throughout the various activities. Super Daniel plays while users choose a color for Daniel's costume, Goodnight Daniel plays as he soars through the night sky, and Brush Brush Brush plays as the tooth brushing timer counts down.

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