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Margaret's New Shoes

Episode: 504b
Air Date: August 21, 2020
Previous Episode: 504a - Daniel Waits With Dad
Next Episode: 505 - Daniel's Substitute Teacher
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Daniel Tiger is excited to take a trip to the playground with his mom and his sister. As they are about to leave for the playground, Mom Tiger discovers that Margaret's shoes are too small. The trip to the playground will have to wait until after Margaret gets new shoes. Mom reminds him that "when you wait, you can play, sing or imagine anything." As they walk to the store, Daniel sings a song to pass the time.

At the store, Daniel must wait again while Prince Tuesday is helping another customer. He make-believes that he is helping animals try on shoes.

Daniel helps Prince Tuesday measure Margaret's foot but then has to wait again while Dr. Plat pays for her shoes. He pretends to work at the store while he waits. Once the Tigers are able to get new shoes for Margaret, it's time to go to the playground!


  • "When you wait, you can play, sing, or imagine anything."


Appearing In This Episode


The strategy used in this episode was also used in Episode 113.



Episode Credits

Written by Holly Walker
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

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