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Daniel and Mom Go to the Market

Episode: 503b
Air Date: August 20, 2020
Previous Episode: 503a - The Fire Drill
Next Episode: 504a - Daniel Waits With Dad
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Daniel Tiger is helping his mom make scrambled eggs for breakfast. Mom Tiger cooks the eggs while Daniel puts blueberries on their plates. He organizes the berries in the shape of a heart on his mom's plate. As a blueberry rolls from Daniel's plate, Mom Tiger accidentally knocks a mug to the floor. When Daniel attempts to get off his stool to help clean up the broken pieces, his mom sternly instructs him to stay in his seat. Concerned for his safety, she reminds him to "stop and listen to stay safe."

With the broken mug cleaned up, Daniel shares that he was afraid when his mom spoke so loudly. She explains that she did that because she loves him and wanted to keep him safe.

Daniel and his mom leave for the market where Daniel make-believes that he works at the market like Prince Tuesday. Daniel accidentally knocks over a can of oatmeal. Chasing the can as it rolls away, he loses sight of his mom and becomes worried. Prince Tuesday suggests that Daniel "stop and listen to stay safe." By doing so, Mom Tiger is easily able to find Daniel.


  • "Stop and listen to stay safe."


Appearing In This Episode


The strategy used in this episode was also used in Episode 128.



Episode Credits

Written by Jennifer Hamburg
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

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