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You Can Play Your Own Way

Episode: 417b
Air Date: January 6, 2020
Previous Episode: 417a - Daniel's Tiger Twirl
Next Episode: 418a - Calm at the Restaurant
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Daniel Tiger and Jodi Platypus are playing at Miss Elaina's house. Jodi wants to be just like Miss Elaina, so everything that Miss Elaina wants to do, Jodi does, too. Playing school, both are the teacher and it isn't long before Miss Elaina is bothered by Jodi's insistence on copying her every action. Music Man Stan helps them to understand that playing with a friend who has their own ideas makes playing even more fun. Jodi recognizes that she can choose to do things her own way.

After Jodi decides to be the teacher for an underwater school, Daniel make-believes that he's playing underwater games.

Music Man Stan provides some music when Daniel and his friends want to play "underwater freeze dance." Daniel's dances are just like Jodi's which causes Jodi to become frustrated. Music Man Stan encourages Daniel to do things his own special way.


  • "You can do things your own way. The Daniel way."


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Episode Credits

Written by Alexandra Cassel
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

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