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Daniel's Grr-ific Grandpere

Episode: 416a
Air Date: September 20, 2019
Previous Episode: 415b - A Game Night For Everyone
Next Episode: 416b - Making Mozies With Nana
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Daniel is at his Grandpere's house where he learns the Tiger family handshake from his father and grandfather. They let each other know how much they enjoy spending special time together.

In a box of Grandpere's things, Daniel finds a small toy boat with a picture of Dad Tiger and Grandpere from long ago. Daniel make-believes that there are hidden doors all around the neighborhood.

When Daniel and Grandpere leave to go on a boat ride, they find that the water is too low: "High tide, high tide. It's time to take a ride. Low tide, low tide. We wait and play outside." Instead, Grandpere shows Daniel special treasures -- like sea shells -- that can only be seen when the water is low. Again, they are reminded of how much they love their special time together.

The water rises and Daniel sets out on a boat ride with his dad and Grandpere.


  • "I love the special things I do with you."


Appearing In This Episode

Post-Episode Short

The live action segment following this episode includes children spending special time with their grandparents.




Episode Credits

Written by Alexandra Cassel
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

2018 The Fred Rogers Company

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