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Friends Ask First

Episode: 408b
Air Date: January 9, 2019
Previous Episode: 408a - Daniel Learns To Ask First
Next Episode: 409a - Daniel Does Gymnastics
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Daniel Tiger is at school where it is almost story time. O the Owl shares the story "Hey Diddle Diddle." As he's reading, Prince Wednesday is amused by a cow jumping over the moon and takes the book for a closer look at the pictures. Teacher Harriet reminds Prince Wednesday that he must ask permission before taking something from someone else.

Using items from the dress-up bin, Daniel and his friends prepare to act out a story. Daniel dresses as a pig and make-believes that he is playing hide-and-seek with pigs.

Together with O the Owl, who is also dressed as a pig, Daniel makes up a story. They need a house for their story and Daniel decides to take the blocks that Miss Elaina is playing with. Teacher Harriet reminds Daniel to ask permission first. Instead of blocks, Daniels asks Miss Elaina if he can use the box that the blocks were in. When Katerina joins Daniel and O, she asks them for permission to use the extra piggy nose which is currently being worn by Tigey.


  • "Before you take something away, stop and ask if it's okay."


Appearing In This Episode


The storyline from this episode is featured in the book Friends Ask First.



Episode Credits

Written by Alexandra Cassel
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

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