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Daniel Plays at Jodi's House

Episode: 404b
Air Date: September 18, 2018
Previous Episode: 404a - Jodi's First Day of School
Next Episode: 405a - A New Friend at School
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After school, Daniel goes to the Platypus house while Mom Tiger finishes work. A bit nervous, Daniel wonders what kinds of things he will do there. When Jodi takes off her shoes at the door and puts on slippers, Daniel is confused. Dr. Platypus recognizes his uneasiness and encourages Daniel: "Wherever you go, you can find something you know to help you feel better."

Daniel make-believes that he is trying on all kinds of different shoes.

On the floor, Daniel joins Jodi and her brothers for a game of Timber where they stack blocks in a particular way. Unfamiliar with the game, Daniel looks elsewhere for something recognizable. Finding a ball, it turns out that the ball is used in Timber by rolling it at the stacked blocks. Taking his turn, Daniel enjoys the new game he has learned.

At snack time, Daniel finds that they Platypus family uses different fruits in their fruit salad than those he is used to. Nana encourages him to find fruits in the salad that he is familiar with. Jodi encourages Daniel to try the kiwi.

Having finished her work, Mom Tiger arrives to pick up Daniel.


  • "Wherever you go, you can find something you know to help you feel better."


Appearing In This Episode


When served a bowl of fruit salad, Daniel is careful to check that there are no peaches in the bowl. Daniel is allergic to peaches, a fact discussed in Episode 303.

Unfamiliar with kiwi, Daniel reminds himself that he should "try new food, it might taste good." This was the strategy taught in Episode 116.

The storyline from this episode is used in the book Daniel Loves Playtime.

This episode is featured on the DVD Won't You Be Our Neighbor?.



Episode Credits

Written by Mary Jacobson
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

2018 The Fred Rogers Company

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