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The Daniel Tiger Movie: Won't You Be Our Neighbor?

Episode: 403
Air Date: September 17, 2018
Previous Episode: 402b - Daniel's Toy
Next Episode: 404a - Jodi's First Day of School
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Mr. McFeely promises something special as he travels in a large truck to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. He greets everyone and waves as he passes by.

Daniel Tiger is curious when Mr. McFeely stops at the house next door and unloads several boxes into the yard. Dad Tiger explains that the truck is a moving truck and that a new family will be moving in next door. Daniel and his dad travel throughout the neighborood to tell everyone about the new neighbors.

Returning home, Daniel shares his excitement with Mom Tiger and Margaret. Mom and Daniel pick sunflowers to share with their new neighbors before Daniel make-believes about what it might be like to move to a new house.

Hearing a noise next door, Daniel sees that his new neighbors have started moving their boxes inside. He and his family go next door to meet the Platypus family. Inside, Dr. Platypus introduces the Tigers to her children -- Teddy, Leo, and Jodi -- as well as Jodi's grandmother, Nana. As Jodi shows Daniel her new bedroom, Daniel realizes he needs to use the potty. While he is gone, Jodi expresses to her mother that she misses her old room. Dr. Platypus and Jodi work together to unpack some boxes in her new room.

Unpacking a box of toys, Daniel and Jodi play with toy trains before finding a toy hedgehog -- Jodi's stuffy named Benji. Jodi uses Benji to express her feelings of sadness to Daniel.

With several large boxes empty, Daniel and Jodi take them outside to build a tunnel between their houses. They use crayons to draw pictures on the inside of the tunnel. When Jodi draws a picture of her old house, Daniel make-believes about visiting her previous home.

Back inside, Dr. Platypus shows Jodi that her new room is almost finished. Jodi is happy to see that all of her things are present in her room -- except her bedtime book. With everyone's help, all of the boxes are unpacked but Jodi's book is still missing.

Mr. McFeely arrives with an invitation to a welcome party at the Enchanted Garden. Jodi is excited about the party, but still upset because of her missing book. Everyone works together until the book is finally found outside. Daniel is happy to discover that the book is one of his favorites -- Tigey the Adventure Tiger!

At the Enchanted Garden, King Friday XIII leads a neighborhood welcome extended to the Platypus family. When the pages from Jodi's book are lost in the wind, Daniel and his friends help gather them as they introduce themselves. Closing out the party, everyone marvels at a fireworks display over the neighborhood.


Appearing In This Episode


At one point in the episode, Miss Elaina mentions splat ball -- a game also mentioned in Episode 101b and Episode 122b.

When Daniel suggests that he needs to go potty, the Tiger family and the Platypus family all sing "If you have to go potty, stop and go right away." This strategy was taught in Episode 111.

Addressing his neighbors, King Friday displays his sense of humor: "Hear ye, hear ye...they are"

Instead of a usual 30 minute episode, this movie is approximately 45 minutes in length.

The storyline of this episode is featured in the books Daniel Meets the New Neighbors, Daniel Finds a New Friend, and Moving to the Neighborhood.

This episode is featured on the DVD Won't You Be Our Neighbor?.



Episode Credits

Written by Jill Cozza-Turner & Becky Friedman
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

2018 The Fred Rogers Company

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