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Daniel and Margaret Visit the Farm

Episode: 220a
Air Date: July 4, 2016
Previous Episode: 219b - Daniel's Day of Many Feelings
Next Episode: 220b - Fireflies and Fireworks
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Daniel Tiger visits the farm with his family where they start by visiting with Prince Tuesday and his cousin Chrissie. Prince Tuesday works with the horses on the farm.

Chrissie talks about riding horses and invites Daniel to pet her favorite horse, Peaches. After watching Chrissie ride Peaches, Daniel is invited to take a turn. Climbing onto the saddle, Daniel feels a nervous but is encouraged by his Dad: "When something is new, holding a hand can help you." Holding Dad Tiger's hand as he rides, Daniel feels more comfortable.

Daniel make-believes that he's a cowboy.

Near the pond, Daniel finds Ducky -- the pet he and his friends once cared for at school. He and Margaret feed birdseed to the ducks. When Margaret seems nervous, Daniel offers to hold her hand to make her more comfortable.

Before leaving the farm, Daniel takes another ride on Peaches -- this time feeling much less nervous than before.


  • "When something is new, holding a hand can help you."


Appearing In This Episode

Live Action Segment

The live action segment following this episode includes a boy visiting the barbershop for the first time.



In Episode 136a, Ducky is first taken to the farm by Daniel and his friends.

This episode is included on the DVD Daniel Visits the Farm.



Episode Credits

Story by Angela C. Santomero & Becky Friedman
Written by Jill Cozza Turner
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

2015 The Fred Rogers Company

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