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Daniel's Nature Walk

Episode: 209b
Air Date: April 20, 2015
Previous Episode: 209a - Daniel Explores Nature
Next Episode: 210a - Miss Elaina Gets Hurt
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Daniel Tiger joins O the Owl and his Uncle X for a nature walk through the woods. The observe several rocks and sticks before coming across a large tree. When Daniel touches the sap, he laughs at how sticky it feels.

It starts to rain but the nature walk continues. As Daniel and O come upon a puddle, they discover a worm making its way along the ground. Near the worm is a frog which they follow by hopping along behind it. As they listen for the sound of other frogs, Daniel make-believes that he is singing with the frogs.

When a tapping sound is heard, Daniel and O discover a woodpecker in a nearby tree. They also find a set of tracks which leads them to a squirrel. As the nature walk end, the sun comes out and a rainbow appears.


  • "There so much to explore when you're outside."


Appearing In This Episode

Live Action Segment

The live action segment following this episode includes a girl on a nature walk in the woods with her friends.



The nature walk seen in the live action portion of this episode takes place in Pittsburgh's Frick Park.

This episode is featured on the DVD releases Family Fun Collection, It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, and Explore the Outdoors.



Episode Credits

Story by Angela C. Santomero and Becky Friedman
Written by Jill Cozza Turner
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

2015 The Fred Rogers Company

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