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Same and Different

Episode: 131b
Air Date: September 27, 2013
Previous Episode: 131a - Daniel's New Friend
Next Episode: 132a - Katerina's Costume
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Prince Wednesday's cousin Chrissie is visiting the school and playing dress-up with the children. After Daniel make-believes that he is a sheriff, he is encouraged to be a horse since he has a tail. Realizing that he is different from his friends, Daniel feels sad. Teacher Hariett reminds him that "in some ways [he is] different [than his friends], but in so many ways [he is] the same."

Teacher Hariett encourages Daniel to find ways he and his friends are the same and other ways they are different. Daniel finds that he and Prince Wednesday both like building blocks, but only one of them has a tail and only one has glasses.

Similarly, Daniel finds that he and Chrissie both like to pretend, but one has a tail and the other wears leg braces. They realize that these are the things that make them special.

Meanwhile, Miss Elaina recognizes that she and Teacher Harriet have skin darker than the others. After Daniel remembers that Katerina Kittycat and O the Owl also have tails, everyone is happy as they celebrate their similarities and differences.


  • "In some ways we are different, but in so many ways we are the same."


Appearing In This Episode

Live Action Segment

The live action segment following this episode includes two twin boys playing -- one uses braces to help him walk.



This episode ends with a montage of clips from previous episode played over You Are Special.

This episode is featured on the You Are Special, Daniel Tiger DVD release.



Episode Credits

Written by Becky Friedman
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

2013 The Fred Rogers Company

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