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[Donkey Hodie]
Each one of us is needed
Each one should get a try
Cause when we work together
Whoa, this team can fly so high

Teamwork, we need teamwork
Let's do it, me and you
Cause when we work together
There's nothing we can't do

[Duck Duck]
When there's a real hard problem
We need to figure out (figure out, out)
[Bob Dog]
Each one does what we're good at
And solve it, there's no doubt (no doubt, doubt)

[Purple Panda]
What happens if I don't solve it?
What if I get it wrong?

[Donkey Hodie]
It really is okay
If we win or lose (win or lose)
Just give it a try and do your best
Think about those cluse

Teamwork, we need teamwork
Say it really loud, yeah
Oh when we work together
It makes us feel so proud


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Donkey Hodie

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