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Yodel Bird Egg

Episode: 118b
Air Date: August 13, 2021
Previous Episode: 118a - Donkey's Bad Day
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Donkey Hodie and Purple Panda are bird-watching when they find a yodel bird egg. With the mama bird nowhere to be found, Donkey and Panda decide that they should care for the egg until she returns.

To keep the egg warm, they wrap it in a blanket and enlist the help of Grampy Hodie to provide it a safe environment.

After they sing a song, the egg becomes excited and rolls begins to roll away. Grampy Hodie suggests using the yodel egg call: "Yodel-egg-he-hoo!" which is successful in bringing the egg back just in time for the mama yodel bird's return. The egg hatches and everyone is happy to see the healthy baby bird.


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Episode Credits

Created by Adam Rudman & David Rudman
Developed by Ellen Doherty
Inspired by the work of Fred Rogers

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