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Camp Buddy Buddy

Episode: 108b
Air Date: May 12, 2021
Previous Episode: 108a - Growing the Ungrowdenia
Next Episode: 109a - Art Show Today
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Donkey Hodie and Purple Panda are at Camp Buddy Buddy where the wind is gusty. As they try to do the activities they have planned for the day, they find that the wind is getting in the way. Reciting the Camp Buddy Buddy cheer, their pom-poms are blown away. Discouraged, they lower the Camp Buddy Buddy flag and assume their fun day is ruined.

Donkey and Panda realize that they made the first plan. Just because it's windy outside does not mean they cannot make a new plan. Changing their plan, they use blowing twirly twigs (tumbleweeds) in place of their pom poms and recite the Camp Buddy Buddy cheer.

Playing basketball presents a challenge when the wind blows the goal away. With Panda holding his hat upside down, he creates a makeshift goal to for shooting baskets.

Sponge racing is difficult when the wind carries the sponges away. Donkey and Panda are attempting to change their plans when the Camp Buddy Buddy flag is blown from the flagpole. As they sit on a rock thinking about their options, they decide that the rock can take the place of the flag as the official Camp Buddy Buddy rock.

With their sponges gone, Donkey and Panda race lunchboxes instead.


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Episode Credits

Created by Adam Rudman & David Rudman
Developed by Ellen Doherty
Inspired by the work of Fred Rogers

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