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A Day at the Circus

LABEL: Anchor Bay
CATALOG #: 013131312737


Communicating at a pace and tone that is comfortable for young children, Mister Rogers helps his television neighbors understand their feelings, respect others, feel valued, develop inner controls and appreciate the world around them.

Episode 1 - Circus Fun

Mister Rogers and Betty Aberlin visit the circus! They see performances by trapeze artists, acrobats, elephants and more! Behind the scenes, Mister Rogers learns how clowns put on their make-up and talks with some of the many other people who work at the circus. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Chuckles the Clown and Lady Aberlin help their friends feel better about themselves.

Episode 2 - Music Adventures

Mister Rogers visits a friend who has a fascinating collection of musical instruments from around the world. The neighbors in Make-Believe come together and show their creativity when they participate in a bass violin festival!


  • Circus Fun is Episode 1585 from the Alike and Different series. Music Adventures is Episode 1550 from the Music series.


The original production of this Mister Rogers' Neighborhood program was made possibly by a grant from the Sears Roebuck Foundation and from PBS stations around the country.


A Day at the Circus DVD
2005 | Anchor Bay / Family Communications Inc.

Appearing In This Video

Mister Rogers | Lady Aberlin | Chuckles the Clown | Daniel Striped Tiger | Nancy Caterpillar | Darrelle Butterfly | Betty Aberlin | Handyman Negri | King Friday XIII | Neighbor Aber | Betty Okonak Templeton Jones | James Michael Jones | Keith David | Mayor Maggie | Lady Elaine Fairchilde | Miss Paulificate | Old Goat

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