Mister Rogers Talks with Parents About Make-Believe

Air Date June 27, 1982
Guests June Hopsin
Howard Booth

Filmed in the studios of WQED / Pittsburgh, Mister Rogers Talks With Parents About Make-Believe features the expert opinion of Fred Rogers as he discusses this topics with parents and educators.

This thirty-minute special includes a visit to Shady Lane school where Fred Rogers talks with teachers June Hopsin and Howard Booth. Along with footage of children playing in various ways, Fred Rogers also talks with a young girl and her mother about the girl's imaginary friend. Topics include parents and teachers encouraging children to pretend, reality versus fantasy when playing, and the use of make-believe to help resolve conflict.



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Produced by Family Communications, Inc., 1982. Distributed by PBS VIDEO.
©1988 Public Broadcasting Service.


  • This special preceded Mister Rogers' Neighborhood's Make-Believe week of episodes which originally aired in June of 1982.
  • This special features a short advertisement for the Talking With Families About Creativity pamphlet published by Family Communications Inc.


With Fred Rogers
Producer: Sam Newbury
Director: Paul Lally
Editor: Michael Colonna
Associate Producer: Margy Whitmer
Assistant Director: Margy Whitmer
Production Assistant: Viki Gedrys
Production: Coordinator: John Cosgrove
Lead Technician: Mike Laver
Lighting Director: Frank Warninsky
Technical Director: Jim Ochtun
Studio Camera: Jack Arthurs, Bob Vaughn
Audio: Dick LaSota
Video: Don McCall
Videotape: Kevin Conrad
Videotape Editor: Chuck Aikman
Videotape Sound: Bill Forsythe
Post Production: TPC Communications Inc.
Studio Supervisor: Doug Coates
Floor Manager: Jim Seech
Prompter Operator: Joe Abeln
Studio Production: Diane Donati, Kate Kearney, Eric Sanchez
Properties: Jan Pascale
Location Production: Joe Abeln, Paul Dunlap, Doug Justham, Mark Knobil, Kenneth Love, Rich Sieg, John Sutton
Set Designer: Jack Guest
Music Director: John Costa
Musicians: Carl McVicker, Bob Rawsthorne
Chris Chirdon Sequence Produced and Directed by Joe Seamans
Consultants: Albert V. Corrado M.D., Margaret B. McFarland PhD, Dr. Douglas Nowicki OSB, Rev. Neil R. Paylor PhD

Produced in association with WQED/Pittsburgh
Executive Producers: Basil Cox, Fred Rogers

A production of Family Communications
1982 Family Communications, Inc.

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