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Let's Talk About It: Divorce

Date: 1998
Author: Fred Rogers
Photographs: Jim Judkis
Publisher: PaperStar
Series: Let's Talk About It
ISBN: 0698116704
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Text and photographs copyright © 1996 by Family Communications, Inc.

A Note From Fred Rogers

Most people want to have a perfect life for themselves and their children. But when we have to go through hard times, it's possible to grow stronger than we ever were before. Divorce is a very hard time for families...a sad and painful time. But it can be managed, and both parents and children can grow by helping each other through it.

As with most complicated and emotional things in life, there are no simple answers when it comes to helping children deal with divorce. Each family is different, each parent is different, and so is each child. the best we can give our children is the right to feel...the right to feel angry...the right to feel pain.

You, of course, know your child best, so I hope you will adapt the ideas in this book for him or her. I hope the pictures and the text will inspire you and your child to relate your own stories which are unique to your family. That's why we call this series of books "Let's Talk About It." It's an invitation to you and your child to take what we offer and talk about it in a way that feels right for you.

"Let's Talk About It" is also a way of saying that when we share our uncertainties (even about difficult things) with people who care about us, we often find that our feelings can be much more manageable. Even when there aren't answers, it can help just to know that the people we love care about our questions and the feelings that go along with them.

That's what a family really is -- people who care about each other deep inside: honest and forgiving. When it comes to growing into a healthy human being, it will always be love that counts the most. Even though a mother and father are no longer living together, they can still love their children and give them the secure feeling that comes from being part of a caring family.

Appearing In This Book

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