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The Costume Party

WRITTEN BY: Fred Rogers
ILLUSTRATOR: Jason Art Studios
PUBLISHER: Golden Press / Western Publishing Company, Inc.
SERIES: A Golden Shape Book

© 1976 by Fred M. Rogers



The Costume Party starts off with yet another kingly idea from King Friday -- a Neighborhood costume party to be held at the castle. Luckily, Lady Elaine has plenty of costumes for everyone at the Museum-Go-Round.

Daniel, X the Owl, and Henrietta Pussycat look at a variety of costumes and hats before making their final decisions.

As they look through the costumes, interestingly enough, Henrietta Pussycat speaks in full sentences which lack her typical "meow" laced dialect:

"Now Henrietta Pussycat makes up her mind. I will wear a big hat and high-heeled shoes and a long dress and some beads," she says. "I'm going to pretend to be grown up."

Ultimately, everyone finds a fun costume and arrives at the castle.

Queen Sara welcomes them all: "Of course, you're really yourselves, even in your costumes -- and when you take your costumes off, you'll still be yourselves. We like you any way you are."

Mister Rogers himself concludes the book by talking about pretending and the fun that a person can have while dressing up and pretending.


  • While the other Golden Shape Book is shaped like the Neighborhood Trolley, this particular book is a little less "shape" and a little more "book." I suppose it holds the shape of Lady Elaine's Museum-Go-Round, but when there's nothing more to that shape than two straight lines and a couple of curved edges, it's somewhat difficult to pass this off as a "shape" book.
  • Look closely at the newspaper on the floor as Bob Dog reveals himself as Super Dog. Could that be Mister Rogers there on Page 2 of the daily news?

Appearing In This Book

Mister Rogers | King Friday XIII | Lady Elaine Fairchilde | Queen Sara Saturday | Prince Tuesday | Henrietta Pussycat | Elsie Jean Platypus | Ana Platypus | Purple Panda | Daniel Striped Tiger | Bob Dog | X the Owl | Harriett Elizabeth Cow | Dr. Bill Platypus

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