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You Are Pretty

You are pretty
You are black
You are beautifully dressed in lovely fur
Finely curled
You are pretty
You are black

You are handsome
You are blue
You are beautifully dressed in feathers
You're first rate
Obviously you are handsome
You are blue


  • King Friday XIII has been known to sing a royal version of this song:

    I am handsome
    I am a king
    I am royaly dressed in robes of silk
    That's my ilk
    Regally I am handsome
    Undoubtedly I'm a king

  • In Episode 1127, Mrs. Saunders sings a "handsome" version of this song to Prince Tuesday:

    You are handsome
    You're a prince
    You have wonderful eyes and baby hair
    You are there
    Inside and outside handsome
    Surely you are a prince

  • In Episode 1129, Lady Aberlin sings an "owl" version of this song to Cousin Mary Owl:

    You're a big owl
    You are nice
    You are beautifully dressed in feathers straight
    You're first rate
    Perfectly you're a big owl
    Honestly, you are nice

Later in the episode, Mister Rogers sings a "special" version:

You are special
You're my friend
You are beautifully dressed in your own skin
You are in
Definitely you are special
Obviously, you're my friend


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