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Today is New

Today is new
It's new to everyone you meet
It's new to you
The houses on the street are waking up now
Today is up now

Today is new
It's new with time and space and things we want to do
The sparrow dries his wings and sings a new song
A just for you song

We know each morning brings a brand new day
And though we sometimes wish for yesterday
Today is new
It's new to everyone who lives
It's new to you
To everyone you give a bit of you to
Today is new to

And we won't waste a minute feeling bad
We can't cause we're too busy feeling glad
Today is new
It's new to everyone you meet
It's new to you
What say we try to greet it in a new way
Say happy new day
Today is new


This song was reimagined for a 2021 episode of Donkey Hodie.


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