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Spoon Mountain

The afternoon always hides the moon
But never on our Spoon Mountain
The macaroon may melt in June
But never on our Spoon Mountain

Take our advice, and say it twice
It’s really nice
It’s really nice
To be precise it’s paradise
Spoon Mountain
Spoon Mountain


Let’s take your knives to the Castle
Where there’s a spoon-making machine
We’ll melt your forks at the Castle
We’ll make you twelve or eighteen

Eighteen spoons?
As many as you want!
Why didn’t I meet you years ago?
That’s what I keep wondering too.


Now let us go to the Castle
Of course my dear Betty Green


And tomorrow will be the wedding
Of the prince and Miss Betty Green
With popcorn, spoons, and confetti
And seat belts and milkshakes
And wedding cakes and keepsakes
And no one mistakes
The outsides of people
For what’s in their hearts
For people did change
As they played out their parts
Once upon a time


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