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Les Jours De La Semaine

In France the days are just the same,
The same as over here
The sun goes up and then comes down
Each week and month and year
But since the French speak differently,
Their days don't sound the same
What, say we learn it their way?
I think that would be tame.

The first day is lundi
Monday's what we say
The next day is mardi
In English, that's Tuesday
Wednesday is mercredi
Then jeudi comes your way
What's the French for Friday?
Vendredi, they say

The weekend starts with samedi,
That's Saturday, you know.
Dimanche is French for Sunday,
Where did that whole week go?
Lundi, mardi, mercredi,
Jeudi, vendredi,
Samedi, dimanche
That's fun, don't you agree?


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