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I'm Busy Being Busy

Lyrics by Josie Carey | Music by Fred Rogers

I'm busy being busy
Yes the calendar's my task
I'm busy giving dates away
To all who come and ask
For a week for this, or a week for that

I'm busy being busy
And the busier I get
The more some people need a week
For barbershop quartets
And a week for tuna fish croquet

I found a week for cheddar cheese
For fleas and spanish onions
I found a week for willow trees
And bees and curing bunions
I searched with purple passion
For a national event
Calling the world's attention
To the day the pretzel first was bent
I gave a special Groundhog's Day
To please dear Punksatawney
I gave a week to Turtle Creek
A day to sing of Swaney
I made a special leap year too
And a day for wearing navy blue
You'll never now how much I do
I'm busy being busy

I'm busy being busy
And the busier I am
The more some people need a week
For elderberry jam
Or a week for naming baby Sam

I'm busy being busy
And the busier I seem
The more I'm called upon
To give a day to sour cream
Or a week to pantomime or fighting crime
Or bells that chime, I don't have time
To even end this rhyme

I'm very busy


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