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I Wonder

I wonder where the sky ends
I wonder, I wonder
And who invented bookends
It puzzles me

I wonder who decided
That yellow was yellow
And who made cellos mellow
It puzzles me

The thing I never did learn
That always bothers me
Is when I flick the lightswitch
What makes electricity

Who makes the form for snowflakes
And cornflakes and meat cakes
And who discovered toothaches
It puzzles me

I’ve had some education,
The same as all of us,
But all this information
Is just miscellaneous

I know my B's and seasons*
But none of the reasons
I wonder, oh, I wonder
It puzzles me


  • An original handwritten draft of this song's lyrics says "I know my A's and B's and seasons" which does not fit with the rhythm. The audio is a bit fuzzy in the recording of this line, so this is our best guess of what Josie is saying when she sings this song in Episode 4092.


The Children's Corner

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