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Beaver O'Day is an employee of Ellen Paterson for her two businesses -- Paterson's Pools and Paterson's Pipes.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, when plans are being made for a swimming pool[1], Beaver O'Day is on hand to help with the surveying of the land as well as the digging of the pool.

When an undergroud pipe breaks[2] as the pool is being constructed, Beaver O'Day and Ms. Paterson are back on the scene representing the other half of their business.


Representing Paterson's Pools
[Episode 1527]
Representing Paterson's Pipes [Episode 1530]

Costume Variations

1527, 1528 Blue Paterson's Pools uniform
1529, 1530 Pink Paterson's Pipes uniform


Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

1527 | 1528 | 1529 | 1530


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  2. Episode 1529. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

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