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Gorilla Magazine


Volume 21, Issue No. 1 (1998) of Gorilla (The Journal of the Gorilla Foundation) was a special expanded issue featuring photos and documentation of Fred Rogers' visit with Koko the gorilla. Along with a transcription of Mister Rogers visit with Koko and the Foundation staff, several wonderful photographs are included in this issue.

"Bags carried by people are always of interest to the gorillas."
"Planning their strategy in The Gorilla Foundation office before the visit: Kevin Connelly, Penny Patterson, producer Margy Whitmer and Fred Rogers examine a box of props for the videotaping session."
"Koko blows softly at Mister Rogers, teaching him a gorilla greeting."
"Mister Rogers brought Koko several gifts, including a small stuffed Daniel Tiger."
"Mister Rogers blows gently at Koko, returning her greeting."
"Fred Rogers discusses the filming plan in the office."
"Koko deftly unzips Mister Rogers' cardigan."
"Ron Cohn, Mister Rogers and Koko enjoy a group hug."
"Koko removes Mister Rogers' sweater once again."
"Where's Koko?"
"Koko hides her head under the new cat towel."
"Peek-a-boo! There she is!"
"Koko enjoyed just being near Mister Rogers."
"Following his indoor visit with Koko, Mister Rogers came outside for a visit with Michael and sang for Mike the two songs that always begin and end his TV show. Michael has enjoyed Mister Rogers' Neighborhood for many years."
"Fred Roges with Penny and Ron."
"The video camera seen here in the background captured Koko's interactions with Mister Rogers throughout their visit."
"The Gorilla Foundation staff was eager to have their picture taken with Mister Rogers: (L to R) Robin Powell, Lori Oliver, Jim Atkins, Ty Robb, Maite Sureda, Fred Rogers, Ron Cohn, Penny Patterson, Valerie Riofrio, Daniel Lee, and Wendy Gordon."
"Mister Rogers and Koko, instant friends."
"Koko, Mister Rogers and Penny pose for the camera."


  • Mister Rogers' visit with Koko the gorilla was seen on Episode 1727.

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