Neighborhood of Make-Believe Playset

DATE: 1977


This playset features "The Royal Castle complete with 20 accessories including five 2 1/4" figures from the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. And it is its own carrying case so you can take it everywhere!"

King Friday XIII is marked © F.R. 1954-77.


Queen Sara Saturday is marked © F.R. 1977.


Prince Tuesday is marked © F.R. 1975-77.


Henrietta Pussycat is marked © F.R. 1956-77.


X the Owl is marked © F.R. 1954-77.



[Image courtesy of eBay]

  • In February 2013, Jordan Hembrough, host of the Travel Channel's Toy Hunter, verified that this playset is truly a rare piece.

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