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Wow at the Library

Episode 410
Title Daniel's Blueberry Paws
Wow at the Library
Air Date May 21, 2019

Daniel Tiger is at the library with O the Owl where they are picking out a pop-up book about caterpillars for story time. Before X the Owl can begin reading, O has found several other books he'd like to read. O is reminded by his Uncle X to "enjoy the wow that's happening now." When Daniel tries to hurry through the book in order to see all of the pop-ups, X encourages him to "enjoy the wow" as well.

Daniel make-believes that he's playing in a pop-up world.

Prince Wednesday arrives and the three friends put on a puppet show for Queen Sara. Before the show is over, Prince Wednesday finds several other puppets he wants to play with. Queen Sara reminds him to "enjoy the wow that's happening now."


  • "Enjoy the wow that's happening now."


Appearing In This Episode

Post-Episode Short

The post-episode short features Jodi Platypus playing in her special box tunnel.




Episode Credits

Written by Jill Cozza-Turner
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

2018 The Fred Rogers Company

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