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Katerina Shares Her Tutu

Episode: 110b
Air Date: September 13, 2012
Previous Episode: 110a - Daniel Shares His Tigertastic Car
Next Episode: 111a - Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty
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Daniel Tiger is playing at Katerina Kittycat's house where he learns a new jungle dance. They decide to perform a jungle dance show for Henrietta Pussycat -- but first they must plan and practice.

Katerina chooses to be a flower and Daniel wants to be a lion. As they practice their parts, Daniel make-believes that he and Tigey are kings of the jungle.

Planning their costumes, Katerina wants to use her ballet skirt for her flower costume but Daniel wants to use it as a lion's mane. Henreitta reminds them that they can take turns and both use the tutu. Daniel takes a turn using the tutu while Katerina plays music for the dance.

Henrietta watches as Daniel performs a jungle dance. Katerina takes a turn with the tutu and performs her version of the jungle dance as well. When she wants to dance with Tigey, Daniel shares his toy after he remembers the importance of sharing.

Daniel and Katerina sing about sharing their belongings with each other.


  • "You can take a turn and then I'll get it back."


Appearing In This Episode

Live Action Segment

The live action segment following this episode includes two boys sharing their toys.



Video footage used in the live action segment shown after this episode was also used after Episode 105a.

This episode is included on the DVDs Tigertastic 50-Pack and Life's Little Lessons.



Episode Credits

Story by Angela C. Santomero and Becky Friedman
Written by Wendy Harris
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

© 2012 The Fred Rogers Company

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