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Kid Review: Daniel Tiger Toys

Several great new Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood toys are starting to show up at Toys R Us stores and through online sellers. My kids -- ages 7, 5, and 3 -- are back with their thoughts for another Kid Review. Dad even shows up with a few comments of his own. :)

Snuggle & Glow Daniel Tiger


"He's in the pajamas that are actually on the show that have Trolley all over them. I like how soft he feels, like Margaret. It might be more fun if Tigey could come off."
"I like when you press his hand and he glows in the dark. It's a night light. His face looks tired, too. That's pretty funny."
"He lights up!"
"Is it 'Snuggle n Glow' or 'Snuggle & Glow'? Whatever. The toy itself is pretty great. My three-year-old loves it; however, from a parent's perspective, this thing is pretty loud in comparison to similar bedtime toys like a Gloworm."

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Cute 'n Cuddly Baby Margaret


"The hair bow and her clothes look like day time and night time. You wouldn't have to take her clothes off because they can't come off. They're like footie jammies but they're also like day clothes for a baby."
"The box is a crib so we can keep it and she'll have a crib to sleep in. On the show she has a yellow dress. I wish she came with the yellow dress."
"I like the pink nose and the yellow flower."
"Beware of online price gougers! I've seen eBay and Amazon prices close to $30 for this item that retails at Toys R Us for about $15."

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Neighborhood Friends Puppet Assortment


"The cushion inside sometimes makes it hard to fit my hand all the way inside and I have to push it in really hard."
"I like how we can make the puppets move. We could do a puppet show behind the bed!"
"O the Owl is my favorite puppet!"
"While I'm surprised that there are not Prince Wednesday or Miss Elaina puppets as well, I absolutely love seeing my kids creativity at work as they put on Daniel Tiger puppet shows!"

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Ever since my kids first saw Margaret Tiger on television, they've been asking when there might be a Margaret toy. I think my two girls just about went through the roof when they caught a glimpse of the plush Margaret. They've wondered why there aren't toy versions of other characters -- specifically, for a reason I've not quite figured out -- they'd love to see a Grandpere toy of some sort.

Much like the books they recently reviewed, this round of Daniel Tiger toys is a total hit with the target audience in my house! Stop by your local Toys R Us (or wait for more reasonable online prices from other sellers) to bring these new items to the little neighbors in your home!

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